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DB-MAIN: a data-architecture tool

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DB-MAIN is a free of charge data-modeling and data-architecture tool. It is designed to help developers and analysts in most data engineering processes, including:

  • Design processes: requirement analysis, conceptual design, normalisation, schema integration, logical design, physical design, schema optimisation, code generation.
  • Transformations: schema transformation, model transformation, ETL.
  • Reverse engineering and program understanding: schema analysis (COBOL, CODASYL, IMS, IDMS, SQL, XML, ...), code analysis, data and data flow reverse engineering.
  • Maintenance, evolution and integration: database migration, database evolution, impact analysis, database integration and federation, data wrapper design and generation.
  • And many other domains like temporal and active databases, datawarehouse, XML engineering, ...

DB-MAIN also includes meta-modeling components that allow its users to develop new functions and extend its repository.